Community Membership Curriculum

We will be using an awesome curriculum for Social Emotional Learning called Second Step. You can read more about it here.

Each grade (PK-5) will have one Community Membership lesson per week. Each unit has 5 lessons and one formative assessment. The curriculum will be taught in the classroom, to all students, and helps students develop a common set of skills and strategies that can be practiced, used, and reinforced throughout the school community, as well as at home.

Unit 1: Growth Mindset and Goal Setting

Students learn how to pay attention and manage distractions, develop a growth mindset, and apply goal-setting strategies to their social and academic lives.

Unit 2: Emotion Management

Students learn how to identify and label emotions and use emotion-management strategies – including stress management for older students- to calm strong feelings.

Unit 3: Empathy and Kindness

Students learn how to recognize kindness and act kindly, have empathy for others and take others’ perspectives, and recognize kind acts and empathy as important elements to building and maintaining relationships.

Unit 4: Problem Solving

Students learn how to identify and state a problem, recognize if a problem is an accident, and use the STEP problem-solving process:

S: Say the problem

T: Think of solutions

E: Explore the outcomes

P: Pick a solution