What Are We Up To?


Unit 6: Problem Solving


Unit 5: Faith Families & DEBUG Strategies


Unit 4: Lent

Unit 3: Empathy and Kindness

Unit 2: Emotion Management


2nd Grade learns that they can feel proud about their accomplishments!
2nd Grade learns that we can feel disappointed when something we want or expect does not happen.
5th Grade learns ways to manage stress
Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade learn to look for clues to know how someone is feeling!
PK-1-Kindergarten learn 2 calming strategies to use when they have strong emotions.
1st Grade learns one new way to feel calm.
3rd Grade lists calming strategies to use on strong emotions like anger.
4th Grade learns how to rethink situations that make them feel strong emotions.
2nd Grade learns that people have different feelings based on their experiences.


Unit 1: Growth Mindset and Goal Setting